Go to Fall Makeup Looks!

Hello my beautifuls! I decided to show you guys my fall looks, which is basically my everyday look with a warmer tone. I am not going to show or tell you what products I personally use because I don’t want you to feel limited to those products! Take this look and make it your own. I will only show you my strategy and you can do with it however you feel best! đŸ™‚

Fall is my favorite time of year so fall looks will be very usual on my blog so be prepared! But this look is special! I collaborated with a good girlfriend of mine! You can find her at Lunalovehim.blogspot.com and she also has a youtube channel! Go check her out because she has more in depth fall looks that I know you will love!

First I will show you the look I came up with and then I will show you her beautiful go to look.

For my go to fall look this is a more subtle and warm look. I go simple on everything but the eyes. I use a dark shade in my crease that draws attention to the entire face and the rest of the eye is light and gentle. The reason I only do a dark crease is that when doing a darker lip or a full smokey type eye you lose that blendable look where everything pulls together evenly without one aspect of your makeup being more dominant than the other. A dark crease draws the attention to the eye and then the rest of the look take action and you will seemingly have a beautifully pulled together look that can be a little dramatic.

For the lips I perfer a brown tone nude because it seemlessly fits into every fall look. The look I did you can easily make a darker lip but if you want the seemless and pulled together look you might want to darken the eyes a little. Over all I went with warm undertones which reminds me of fall!

My good friend took a bolder look which is also perfect for the fall! She went with a dark lip and a light eye which couldn’t look better!

She pulled off the perfect vampy lip color with a simple eye look!

Make sure you check my girl out!



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