L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review

Hey guys! I have yet another review for you. It is one that many beauty bloggers have raved and talked about but there were a few things I noticed while using this foundation that was never mentioned in reviews that I had seen so I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

The L’Oreal True Match Foundation is one of the most raved about foundations in the beauty world and I had never tried it so I figured it was time for me to hop on the band wagon. It is a liquid foundation that has SPF in it. It doesn’t claim to be long wearing, matte, or anything significant other than easily blendable.

This foundation is very thin and a little goes a long ways. It applies very smoothly and evenly on the face. Though after first application of the foundation I noticed that the formula was more matte and it seemed very powdery. When finished setting I noticed the dry sections I had on my face were more accentuated. I almost took this foundation off because it just seemed so powdery and drying but for the sake of the review I was a trooper and wore it through the day.

Wearing throughout the day it seemed to get better the longer it was on my face. The more my face produced natural oils the better this foundation looked. I never had to touch up with powder and it was very long wearing. I applied this foundation at 11:00am and went to the fair at 4:00pm and didn’t get home until 12:00am and when going to remove my makeup I found that the foundation was still applied fully and looked flawless on the skin. I was not oily even though I spent all day in the heat running around which is a big plus in my book and probably one in all of those who have oily skin! This foundation is definitely long wearing!

Overall the foundation is amazing and the negative things I found about it can easily be worked around with different application choices and ensuring that the skin is moisturized before application and the longer this is on the better it looks because it works well with the natural oils your face produces so I suggest that you apply this 30 minutes before you plan on going out and it should leave you looking stunning and flawless!


Here is a before and after. This foundation is medium coverage as you will be able to see on my face!


Here is a photo about an hour after the foundation is applied!

Hope this review helped! 


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