Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti Aging Thermal Mini Peel daily treatment

Hey guys! I’m back and it’s fall! I know a lot of people are bummed summer is over but I know that a lot of people are ecstatic that fall has begun! With the new seasons come new products and I want to share an exciting, life changing one with you!

Before I told you the only thing I used to clean my face was the Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser and thought I’d never find anything to replace it, that hasn’t changed but what has changed is what I use WITH it!


Seasons are changing and so is my skin! I kept breaking out and my Aveeno was working hard but still not quite cutting it so I had to suffer through the break outs and just pray it would go away in a few weeks. Doug went to the store and picked up a new scrub that I used after I used my Aveeno and it has changed my skin! After using the combo for three days my blemishes had decreased by half!!!

What is this miracle worker you may ask? The Olay Thermal Mini Peel!


I use the Aveeno cleanser first to allow the micro beads to exfoliate and bring all the dirty junk in my pores to the surface and loosen the dead skin. After I massage the Aveeno cleanser into my skin I rinse it then apply the Olay thermal mini peel and massage it into my skin for about 2 minutes! You can see the dirt and dead skin melt off your face although it is gentle enough not to irritate the skin and both cleansers are mild enough to use everyday.

The Aveeno cleanser is amazing it is still my number one and is more of a drug store price at around 12$ when the Olay mini peel is a little more higher end at 28$. If you can’t afford the Olay the Aveeno will help but if you can combine the two you will see results and you will see them quickly.

The Olay mini peel has a very mild sweet scent and it is a light lavender color with very fine beads. The moment the mini peel hits the wet skin on your face it heats up. It has a nice consistency and spreads over the face very nicely. It is refreshing and if you are asleep the warmth will wake you.

Over all the Olay mini peel is worth more than it cost and you won’t regret purchasing. Though I won’t replace it for my Aveeno it is an amazing combination that is unstoppable for trouble skin. And to all my sensitive skin girls this will work for you easily!

This a 10/10 product without hesitation! I love it on my skin and nothing has gotten rid of my acne as well and as quickly as this dynamic duo has!


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