Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Foundation and Dark Spot Correcting Concealer

Hey guys! I picked these up a while ago and showed them to you in a haul and I’ve used each a few time and wanted to tell you my opinion on them!

The Instant Age Rewind Treatment Foundation is extremely light coverage! It almost is like a film over the skin. I only put a moisturizer underneath and this is very sticky and feels oily but doesn’t look oily. The applicator is the sponge tip and it puts it onto the skin but it doesn’t blend it very well so I have to go back in with a beauty blender. This seems like a good foundation for a no makeup makeup look. My only concern is it has a little break down towards the end of wear. It isn’t a long wearing foundation with or without a primer so keep that in mind. This does seem to be a bit orange but nothing you can’t work with. Overall it is a workable light coverage foundation.


The Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser is very thick. A lot of people love these concealers but for me I don’t need much concealing so it is very thick but I don’t get many lines under the eye so that is always a win in my book. It is a bit lighter than my skin which for me is usually very difficult which allows me to add that brightening effect under the eyes. I don’t use this for dark spots I only use it as a basic concealer. I like it. It could be thinner but it is more than manageable.


No makeup face:


Only the foundation:


Foundation with the concealer:




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