TAG: My boyfriend does my makeup!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been gone for a few days and I’m sorry for that! Been planning lots of stuff for you so hopefully the future will make up for my absences. Anyways my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to do this tag since he buys a lot of my makeup and always watches me put it on I wanted to see what he has learned.

He was really excited to glob makeup all over my face and create a masterpiece, (he was really cute). So I picked out all that he’d need and laid it out for him. Wanna see he work? Keep reading!

So here is my naked face, the canvas for his creation!


I laid all the products out for him and I gave him a few hints because some weren’t labelled and that wouldn’t be fair so I gave a couple hints.


He did a great job when applying the makeup. He used the right motions when applying everything he just struggled with blending and he really liked to use a lot of product which led to some fall out problems but overall he only really messed up the eyebrows and the eyeliner he had a hard time with but I didn’t look terrible and had I had to leave right then and there I wouldn’t have been completely embarrassed of my makeup. Overall I’m proud of Hotdoug he did a great job after watching bun all that time. But he doesn’t plan to do that again lol!


Next time we do this tag we will record it because it was hilarious! Have you done this tag? If so let me know I’d love to see it! How do you think he did? Not bad right? I hope you enjoyed loves!



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