Red Polish Wish List!

Hey loves! Here is the second day into the wish list of a beauty blogger. I told you guys I would be doing it by color so I figured a rainbow was necessary and what comes after pink in a rainbow? Red! This is the second largest wish list color I have. Again when nail polish companies release new lines they normally release a lot of reds. I am unsure why but I noticed that Pink, Red, and Purple were the most common. Anyways, without any more rambling here is my red nail polish wish list!                                                                                                     

photo 1 (1)




O.P.I- Red Lights Ahead…Where?, O.P.I-Malaga Wine


O.P.I- Bogota Blackberry, O.P.I- California Raspberry





photo 2 (1)


O.P.I- Red My Fortune Cookie, O.P.I- Bastille My Heart, O.P.I- Live. Love. Carnival


O.P.I- The Thrill Of Brazil, O.P.I- Big Apple Red, O.P.I.- Red Hot Rio


O.P.I- Coca-Cola Red, O.P.I- Cajun Shrimp. O.P.I.- Senorita-alita 




photo 3 (1)


Butter London- Blowing raspberries, O.P.I.- Cinnaman of My Dreams, O.P.I.- Ebarca- Dare Ya


O.P.I- My Cherry Amour, O.P.I.- Believe it, Do it, Butter London- Come to Bed Red


O.P.I.- Bold, O.P.I,- Reflection, O.P.I- Lost in Lombard



photo 4 (1)


Butter London- Knees Up, Butter London- Saucy Jack, Essie- Chubby Cheeks


Essie- Size Matters, Butter London- Shag, Essie- Watermelon


Butter London- Chancer, Essie- Too Too Hot, Essie- Lacquered up



photo 5 (2)


Essie- Hip-Anema, Essie- Dress to Kilt, Essie- Miami Nice


Essie- Swept Off My Feet, Essie- Really Red, China Glaze-Ruby Red Pumps


Essie- Very cranberry, Essie- Bachelorette Bash, Essie- Limited Addiction



 photo 1 (2)

 Sally Hansen- Strawberry Shields, Revlon- Fearless, Sally Hansen- Dig Fig


Sally Hansen- Red Carpet, Sally Hansen- Wine Stock, Revlon- Cherries in the Snow


China Glaze- Seduce me, Revlon- Divine, Revlon- Saucy



photo 2 (2)


Orly- Miss conduct, L’Oreal- Red Tote


L’Oreal- Hot Couture



L’Oreal- Bold Bordeaux, L’Oreal- Rose to the Occasion 




And there you have it guys! My Red Nail Polish Wish List! Have you guys tried any of these colors? If you have tell me what you think of them and if there are any reds that are your favorite that aren’t mentioned above tell me so I can check it out! Love you guys hope you enjoy! 



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