Purple Smokey Tutorial.

Good morning loves! I couldn’t decide what I was going to blog about and when I got on Instagram inspiration stuck me and I wanted to do a purple smokey eye. Though, I want a purple smokey eye with dimension so I’m going to be playing around with different colors and layers to build dimension within my smokey eye. I am going to give you step by step instructions and some explanation and I hope that you enjoy the final look 🙂

My naked, just woke up, face!


Next I am using Chanel’s Lumières D’ Artifices sparkling eyeshadow (doesn’t say a number or color name) as a base. I am using a base to help add dimension and help the shadows be more pigmented. You could use a primer or any sticky base you’d like or you don’t have to use a base at all but as said before I want lots of dimension. I chose this color for a base because it has gold, copper, silver, and a couple other colors in it. It is a metallic like cream shadow so it provides a sticky base while the multiple color flex add dimension.


Next I took black heart from the naked 3 palette and put that all in the crease and a little above the crease to make the eye a little bit larger and more smoked out. I chose back heart because it has flex of red adding more dimension. You of course could just use a regular black to keep it simple.


Finally I took the purple from the Fergie Maldives skies quad in the outer corner and lightly through the crease to add purple to the look it was subtle but enough to make the purple smokey eye look purple and smokey lol!



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