Pink Polish Wish List!

And so it begins my loves, I have decided to break down and write out every single piece of makeup I want to add to my collection…Eventually. Eventually is the key word, I do not plan on getting all the things on my wishlist in the immediate future, this is a gradual wishlist that will have things taken away and things added to it. I see plenty of beauty bloggers do their wishlists and they are always small and dainty and I think to myself, “We all know you want way more on that list!”. There is nothing wrong with wanting things and obviously since I am a beauty blogger, beauty is my job so I want to try every beauty product out there so over the next few weeks you are going to get to see my wishlist/beauty bucket list beginning with nail polish! 

 So when writing down my nail polish wants I realized the list was way to long so I decided to break it down into different colors. We are starting with pink because when polish companies release collections they normally have a good variety of pinks so my pink polish wish list is the longest of all my other nail color wish lists. Figured we would start l large!  

photo 5 (1)

 From Top to Bottom:

L’Oreal- Brilliant Thinking

L’Oreal- Meant to Be





From Left to Right:photo 4 (4)

L’Oreal- Diamond In the Buff, L’Oreal- Miss Lusteruss, Orly-Artificial Sweetner,

Essence- 185, Essence- Party Princess, Essence- Ultimate pink

Orly- Neon Heat, Orly- Cabana Boy, Revlon- Flirt




photo 3 (5)


Sally Hanson- Arm Candy, Sally Hanson- Sweet Talker,Sally Hanson- Pink Pong

Sally Hanson- Rosy Outlook, Sally Hanson- Tickle Me Pink, Revlon- Angelic

Revlon- ?, Revlon- Fushia fever, Revlon- Teak Rose



photo 2 (5)

China Glaze- Rose Among Thorns, China Glaze-Shocking Pink, China Glaze- Sex on the Beach

Sally Hanson- Fushia Power, China Glaze- Pool Party, China Glaze- Strike a Rose

Sally Hanson- Pink Satin, Sally Hanson- Perky Pink, Sally Hanson- Shall We Dance




  photo 1 (7)                   

Essie- Mademoiselle, China Glaze- Spring in my Step, China Glaze- Feel the Breeze

China Glaze- Float on, Essie- Madison Ave-Hue, Essie- Mod Squad

China Glaze-Thistle Do Nicely, Essie- Haute N the Heat, Essie- A Cut Above



photo 5    

Essie-  Got Engaged, Essie- Vanity Fairest, Essie- Sugar Daddy

Essie- Nude Beach, Essie- Van D’ Go, Essie- Need a Vacation

Essie- Pink Glove Service, Essie- Guchi Muchi Puchi, Essie- Lovie Dovie




  photo 4

 Butter London- Teddy Girl, O.P.I- Sweet Surrender, O.P.I- Carnival Cotton Candy

O.P.I- Candy Is Dandy, Essie- Status Symbol, Butter London- Primrose Hill Picnic

Butter London- Rosie Lee, Butter London- Fruit Machine, Butter London- Pistol Pink



photo 3

,O.P.I- Blush Hour, O.P.I- Girls Love Ponies, O.P.I- Kiss Me On My Tulips

O.P.I- Koala Bear-y, O.P.I.- That’s Berry Daring, O.P.I.- Japanese Rose Garden

O.P.I- You Pink Too Much, O.P.I- Dream Maker, O.P.I- Something About Spring




  photo 2

O.P.I-La Paz-it-evely Hot, O.P.I.- My Address is Hollywood, O.P.I- Elephantastic Pink

O.P.I.- Suzi’s Hungry AGAIN, O.P.I- Kiss Me I’m Brazillian, O.P.I.- Not So Bora Boraing Pink

O.P.I- Pink Flamenco, O.P.I- Strawberry Margarita, O.P.I- Suzi Has A Swede Tooth



photo 1.

O.P.I- My Very First Knockwurst, O.P.I- Hawaiian Orchid, O.P.I-  Heart throb

O.P.I.- Bubble Bath, O.P.I.- Pink-ing of You, O.P.I.- Princesses Rule

O.P.I.- Sweet Memories, O.P.I.- Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie, O.P.I.- Sorry I’m Fizzy Today





O.P.I-I Love Applause, O.P.I- Italian Love Affair, O.P.I- Coney Island Cotton Candy

O.P.I.- Sweet Heart, O.P.I.- Privacy Please, O.P.I- Passion

O.P.I.- Tutti-Frutti Tonga, O.P.I- Got A Date to-Knight, O.P.I.- Mimosa For Mr. and Mrs.





And there you have it! All the pink polishes this bun wants in her collection, will I get them all? Only time will tell! Next will be my red polish wish list! I dare you guys to list all the products you eye ball all the time, I promise there will be more than you think! 



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