Kat Von D Palette Review Update!

Hi guys it’s bun! I review swatches of the Kat Von D palette a couple days ago and had told you I didn’t use it yet so I couldn’t tell you how well it worked. Today I got around to using it and want to tell you what I think!

The Kat Von D palette is a very unique neutral palette. When looking at it you image all the looks you can make with the color palette but in actuality all the colors sorts blend together and I don’t feel you can properly complete an eye look using only this palette. The eyeshadows are dark and a little bit harsh. The colors get muddy easily and keeping defined separation of the eyeshadow colors is very difficult! Attempting a look with these eyeshadows wasn’t to hard but you have to blend! If you don’t you will look very harsh! I do not feel this is a palette you want to try to make a look alone with unless you want a very dark eye. This is a good palette to pick up when you already have a look and just need a color to transition you from day to night. That is how I will be using this palette, not alone. The colors a gorgeous and unique and pigmentation is there it is just hard to make a nice full eye look without being muddy. Don’t get me wrong I love this palette the colors are so different I don’t have any like them! It is worth the buy by you have to be creative when using it!

This is the look I made using only this palette. Not what I had intended it to look like but it still came out nice!

P.S Guess who dyed her hair! Surprise!



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