Family Foreign Food Taste Test!

Hey baby buns! My family and I went by our local world market and picked up a few goodies that seemed foreign and interesting so I am going to tell you my thought but also my families thoughts on this!

The first thing we tried was the MacFuddy Pepper Elixir. Only my stepdad and myself were brave enough to try this soda drink. We both agreed it smelled like a grape sweet tart! Very sweet but almost bitter as well. Our first thought when we drank it was we both got the cherry taste with dull ginger and then an over bearing spice that suddenly ruined the drink. This isn’t a very satisfying, thirst quenching drink. My stepdad suggested it would be good to mix alcohol with to give another dimension to the drink.

We both agreed it is about a 4/10!


Next we tried Japanese Red Bean Mochi. My stepdad was able to actually swallow and finish the bite he took I spit mine out after a few seconds. I felt it taste like mashed plain kidney beans. It was awful. He felt it taste like dough, like something someone forgot to deep fry. The texture was more jelly like than a paste and there was a ton of powder covering it making it just a mess to even try to consume if you can handle the taste.

We decided it was a 2/10!





Next my mother, stepfather, and myself tried a chocolate candy from Italy called Baci. We all absolutely loved this candy. It was rich and airy and the hazelnut in the candy was so extravagant that you cannot help but love. My mom stated at the end of the taste testing that this was her favorite! Also there were two individually wrapped candies and inside each wrapper had a very nice quote!

We all gave this a 9/10!






Next my mom stepdad and I tried a Mediterranean halva cocoa candy from Greece. It was gritty and very chalky. It was extremely nasty and plain. It was like eating a handful of dirt. Was not good and none of us were even able to swallow our bites.

This is a 2/10. Not good.



Then we always tried the Daim chocolate candy made in Sweden. It looked like a giant Heath bar so we assumed it would be like that. My family and myself are Heath bar fans so we were excited for this candy. After trying we will never be able to eat an American Heath bar again. This chocolate coated toffee was incredible. It was so light and airy and just melted in your mouth it was just amazing!!!!




My stepfather and I were the only ones who were once again brave enough to try this soft drink. We tried the Dandelion and Burdock soft drink. It smelled like bubble gum cough syrup. The taste was completely different it was a mild black licorice tasting soda. I personally am not a fan of black licorice so his soda was awful to me but for my stepdad it was a really amazing soft drink that he enjoyed so if you enjoy the taste of black licorice you’d enjoy this if not you won’t.


Finally we all tried a Potato Chip Chocolate bar. Everyone enjoyed this a lot. The salty element of the potato was nice and added texture to the already smooth and creamy chocolate that melted in your mouth. The dimension of the salty potato chip was amazing. This candy bar was phenomenal and everyone enjoyed the salty sweet taste!

9/10! This was my stepdad and mine favorite out of everything we tried.




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