Kay Von D Monarch Palette Review!

Hi baby buns! I haven’t been on here for a few days, sorry about that! I went to Sephora on Tuesday and finally decided to buy the Kat Von D palette I’ve been eye balling! I would have bought both but I didn’t have the money for that and I feel that I will get way more use out of this palette. So I want to review this palette for you!

This palette is a neutral eye palette. Though it includes a warm brown tone red which you usually don’t see I’m natural eye palettes. There is much variety for a natural eye though I feel this is more of a palette for intense natural smokey eyes rather than an everyday eye look since the colors are a little darker than some other palettes.



The pigmentation I’m these shadows is too go to be true! They are intense and creamy and buttery. One thing about the eyeshadows is that since they are so soft and buttery they can be a little powdery and you have to be gentle because I feel that if you aren’t gentle with these shadows they could crumble. Just use a light hand and you will be fine. Another thing about this palette is that it includes a matte black..that is incredible! It is pigmented and probably the best matte black I’ve ever owned. That one color is worth the whole purchase of the palette. I will use the black the most out of this palette.


Overall I feel this palette is astonishing and worth the 48$ I paid for it. The pigmentation is on point the shadows blend so great it is unbelievable so if you are looking for a palette that is neutral based this is for you!!

I give this palette a 9/10. It would be a perfect 10 if the shadows weren’t so soft it made it a little powdery!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you want a look with this palette let me know!


2 thoughts on “Kay Von D Monarch Palette Review!

    • hotdougandbun says:

      These colors are great for a smokey eye. They look a little intense and dark but they blend out very well and I’ve been able to soften them up easy. If you enjoy doing smokey eyes like I do this is perfect to create unique smokey eyes with. đŸ™‚ if you decide to try I’d love to see a look you do with it. I think it would look gorgeous on you

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