Beach Day Check List.

Hi all my beautiful beach babes. It’s summer and you have to have at least one trip to the beach or lake and to do that you have to be prepared! Tomorrow I am going to the beach and I want to share with you my check list! Let’s get started!

P.S- I’m sorry for such bad photo quality I was in a rush and wanted to take the photos so I could work on the blog post while doing what I needed to do. Sorry loves!

1. Sunblock! The most important thing for any time you spend in the sun is sun protection. SPF helps protect you from the harmful effects of the sun like aging and dark spots that can also be caused by the sun! When using sunscreen plenty of people make the mistake that the higher the SPF the stronger the protection from the sun. That is not true after about SPF of 15 all SPF protects the same, though the higher the SPF the longer you can wait to reapply. Even with a high SPF you should still reapply every 30-45 minutes during the duration of being in the sun and you should apply sunblock 30 minutes before being in the sun. I prefer a sunblock with moisturizer in it. The sun just dries my skin out and makes me feel gross so if my sunblock doesn’t have moisturizer in it I have to constantly reapply sunblock and lotion so to save me time I combine them!


2. Your face is the most important when out in the sun. It is very sensitive and the sun can be brutal to such a delicate area of skin. To ensure your face has the upmost protection a face moisturizer with SPF is the best. It keeps your skin moisturized and protected.


3. If your like me I always love to wear a primer to keep my skin even and smooth. Using a primer with SPF again provides even more skin protection and helps your face look flawless without makeup on!


4. If you want to wear a foundation to even out your skin I suggest using a BB or CC cream with SPF to allow light coverage and skin protection. The only issue I have with BB or CC creams is they can be oily so you should always use a powder and carry one with you to of touch ups.



5. I always feel naked if I don’t wear eyeshadow but the key is to use neutral colors so it all looks natural and flawless and gives you a no makeup makeup look. If you have to wear mascara make sure you wear a water proof mascara and always remember salt water is more intense than regular water so even wearing a waterproof mascara could still smudge when in the salt water.



6. Lastly your lips need protection too! The skin on the lips are thin and can burn easily. They will dry out extremely quickly when in the sun so be sure to bring a tinted moisturizer to give a touch of color and protection!


7. When I go to the beach I love big voluminous textured hair and adding just a little texturizing hairspray makes all the difference. I usually take dry hair spray some texturizing hairspray all over scrunch and shake my hair and call it a day!


8. After your long day in the sun people think that you only apply aloe Vera when you have a sunburn but it is actually extremely greet to replenish and recharge the skin and for all my girls who love to tan if you apply aloe Vera after tanning it holds the tan much longer. You should apply this right after getting out of the sun and if you continue to have dryness caused by the sun reapply.

* here’s a tip, if you get a sunburn don’t use aloe it soothes the burn but it won’t take the burn a way a sunburn continues to burn even when you are out of the sun. When you get a sunburn make black tea, allow the water to cool, break the tea bags (if using tea bags) and apply the mixture with a clothe you don’t mind staining to the area that is burned. This will take the burn out almost immediately and help you to develop a tan rather than blistering or peeling!


Here’s my checklist for going to beach along with my tips and tricks! Hope you enjoy!


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