Penpal and snail mail pal?

Hi my loves! I have been dying to find a snail mail pal and I’m not succeeding. I want to make a friend in another country..or my own country where we can send each other letters and goodies that we otherwise can’t find. Like food and makeup products that are in my area but not theirs or in their area but not mine. I’d love to make a friend through my blog. If you guys are interested let me know or if you know how I can find a snail mail pal please tell me I’d love to send a bunch of goodies and letters to my lovelies 🙂



11 thoughts on “Penpal and snail mail pal?

  1. lacqueredliving says:

    Hey hey fellow beauty lover! I noticed your comment over on my blog and thought I'd have a squizz at yours and it seems really cool. I have made great friends through Instagram and my blog so far and I would love to be 'pen pals' if you're keen. Keep on keeping on' x Shané

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