Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara (with Avec grow-lash complex) Review!

Hi lovelies! I know I did a review on Rimmel’s stay matte foundation and was completely turned away from the brand but last night HotDoug had made a treasure Hunt out of the game room with some makeup he picked up while he was at cvs. One item I found I was so excited to find. I’d never seen this mascara before so I was immediately drawn in! I had to try it immediately and loved it so I had to share it with you!
The packaging is very sleek and modern looking in my opinion.


The wand is very unique and it literally gets every single lash. I have never! Ever! Had a mascara that brushes through each and every lash individually coated them nicely.


When I did the review of the miss manga mascara I complained that a lot of product got onto the brush and you had to be light handed so it didn’t clump, well this is perfect. When you remove the wand from the tube it removes the perfect amount of product so you don’t have goops of mascara on the wand! Also this formula is a wet formula and literally I don’t think I could get this mascara to clump if I wanted it to which is amazing guys!!

It is hard to tell if it added length to my lashes since my lashes are already long but it does separate your lashes and make them look phenomenal! Rimmel messed up with their foundation but they got it right with this mascara. I won’t be able to use anything else for a while I am so in love.

I haven’t worn it for long periods of time but I don’t think this mascara will flake but I will post an update tonight before I take it off!

I give this mascara a 9/10!

This is a product you need to stop what your doing and run to the store and buy it!

Here is a picture of my lashes without mascara:


A comparison of no mascara and mascara:


Lastly here is a photo of both lashes with mascara:



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