Stila Smudge Proof Eyeliner Review!

Okay so I did the review on the Stila in the Light palette and mentioned the eyeliner that came with it and saying I hadn’t tried it but that I thought it would be nice since it swatched on my hand nicely. I wore it today with my eyeshadow look and , well I hate to report that it isn’t any good. I am unsure if I got a bad one but it doesn’t twist up right and I thought oh it’s okay I’ll fix it up and make it work. I put it on the lid and then my waterline. The waterline is the true test because I have watery eyes and I can never find an eyeliner that stays. It says it is smudge proof and it smudged in the waterline and on the lid. Also My eyes aren’t very sensitive, not much irritates them but this eyeliner immediately caused stinging and made my eyes water out of control from irritation so I wiped it out of my waterline and told myself it could have been from many other things. I went along with my day and the eyeliner was still on my lids and while eating dinner I noticed my eyes felt heavier and harder to open. When looking in the mirror both eyes were puffy and inflamed. I know it isn’t from anything else because everything I wore other than the eyeliner I’ve worn multiple times before and it’s never done anything like this. I am unsure if it was just because I received an older liner or that something in the liner made my eyes sensitive but it didn’t work for me and I am going to throw it away. I wanted to let you guys know because my eyes are very puffy and it is uncomfortable and I don’t want this to happen to you guys. Try at your own risk.

I hope you have a great night my loves and I’m sorry for the bad news about this eyeliner I really wanted to love it.


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