Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation Review!

Hi lovelies. I promised a review so here it is. I bought the Rimmel stay matte foundation thinking it would be great for my oily skin. Nope. This foundation is awful. It is thick and heavy even though it claims to be “feather-light”. I have very oily skin but next to my hair line and nose I have a few dry spots and this foundation to clinged to those patches and made me look flakey and scaley. It broke down after 2 hours in my T-zone looking gross and horribly greasy and basically melted off my face. There is nothing good to say about this foundation. It sucks terribly. Maybe normal skin types can make it work but for my dry and oily darlings this is not a good foundation for your skin! You might as well put a giant sign on your head that says “look at how many imperfections I have. My skin is crappy!” One last thing, if you suffer from acne bumps this foundation makes it look sooo terrible! I noticed my acne more with this on then I did without anything on. I don’t like this foundation and I will be giving it to my younger sisters as play makeup.

I give this 0/10 because there is no working with it.

Maybe you guys have better luck! Tell me if you’ve used this and if you’ve had a bad experience or if it worked for you. I have swatches below to show you the thickness and how heavy it is.






29 thoughts on “Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation Review!

  1. theheypretty says:

    I hated this stuff. No lie, it took about maybe an hour of it being on my skin and then I had to remove it. Not only does it run and make you break out like crazy, it seems to take forever for it to fully come off of your skin. I have since given it away and the person I gave it away to had even said it sucks. This product is a huge fail. Shame on you Rimmel.

  2. popofcolour98 says:

    I totally agree. I have dry to normal skin and it did not work for me! It looked terrible all along my hairline and around my nose! To anyone considering buying it don't! its a waste of money!

  3. lush4blush says:

    I tried it during the winter and didn't really like it either. It felt like I had a face mask on all day and so unnatural. I just bought the loreal true match lumi and I think it's pretty good. I'm loving the garnier bb cream the most though!

  4. hotdougandbun says:

    By the time I get to go to cvs I'm gonna have like the longest list of foundations to tr! Thank you so much for your suggestions I am going to have to pick them up. I can't resist good foundation!!!! 😉

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