Stila in the Light Eyeshadow Look!

Good afternoon my lovelies, it’s bun! I did the review on the Stila palette and I wanted to show you a look with that palette. I used one of my favorite colors and one of the colors I didn’t like, to see if I could make it work. I am going to break down the eyeshadow look for you and tell you what I think!

In the middle of my eyelid I have sunset (one of my favorite eyeshadow colors). It blended nicely and gave me no problem. It went where I wanted it to and stayed there.

Next I used bliss and sandstone in my entire crease simply encircling the shadow sunset. This I had to use a light hand because it was a little hard to blend out but it did finally blend and when it did it gave me no issue.

Finally I decided to attempt to use the color ebony…I placed it on the outer edge of the eye and it did not blend well. I spent nearly 30-40 minutes trying to blend it and never achieve the look I was hoping for. It is patching and just not very easy to work with. It is a nice color but just not worth the hassle.

Overall I enjoy the look I came up with. There are plenty of looks you can make with the palette just don’t forget to blend. Blend Blend Blend! With some time you can make some of the trickier colors work.


If you’d like to see more looks with this palette. Let me know and I’d gladly do more for you guys. I hope you like this look and found it helpful đŸ˜‰

Hope you have a great day! Either tonight or tomorrow I will have a foundation review up!
Much love, Bun.


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