L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara Review.

Good evening lovelies, it’s bun! I finally picked up the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and I have decided to review it. Everyone has been raving about this mascara and L’Oreal has amazing mascara’s so I was so excited to find it on the shelves finally!

My first impression is that this mascara’s packaging is extremely adorable!


Upon opening the mascara, the wand is nice and I am happy about the shape but I noticed when removing the wand from the tube a lot of product is still left on the wand. This makes the mascara more difficult to work with because it can easily become clumpy if using a heavy hand. You have to be light handed when distributing the product using the wand.

The formula of this mascara at first application seems to be a wet formula but as applying I found it is more of a dryer formula. I do not particularly go for dryer formulas because I feel that they have no flexibility. This gives flexibility but is very firm on my lashes. I noticed after wearing this mascara that it has a spider-web effect on the lashes. This is concerning because that makes me think it will be flakey, I haven’t worn it long enough to know yet. I will keep you posted on it’s long wearing results.

One more thing about the formula is it has a slight chemical smell that usual mascara’s have. It is not over bearing and unless you put the wand to your nose you won’t be able to smell it.

The advertisement praises it’s volume and they have every right! This mascara gives intense volume to lashes! I have naturally long and Volumous lashes but this mascara increases the intensity 2X. I am overall genuinely happy with the way this mascara makes my lashes look.

Now one thing Hotdoug wanted me to address, he was curious about the 360 degree flex wand. He wanted to know how that made a difference in the application and the over all look of the mascara. It doesn’t. Unless you are applying insane pressure to the wand, which mentioned above you should be using a light hand, the wand doesn’t flex at all. The only time it flexed was when getting my inner lashes and it barely moved. I don’t feel it made a difference, maybe only made it a little more difficult and awkward. I like having control on the wand and with a flex wand I feel you lose some control. It isn’t a deal breaker at all and really doesn’t cause a problem.

Over all this mascara gives a very intense eye look and may not be an everyday option but when you are going out and want your eyes to pop this is an amazing mascara to do that. I will reach for this often and enjoy how it makes my lashes look. If you are looking for a new mascara and want intense volume I recommend this mascara. It overall has good quality!


Here is a before picture of my lashes:


Here is a side by side comparison of my lashes on one side with and on the other side without:


Here is both eyes with the mascara:


Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Much love xoxo


12 thoughts on “L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara Review.

  1. theheypretty says:

    I have been wanting to pick up this product so badly! However, I have an overload of them sooo I have been holding off. It looks like it works wonders for spider lashes and now I gotta grab it! Great post!!!

  2. itsmejlee says:

    I always heard about this mascara and wondered if it was worth it. You are amazing at giving detailed description with picture for easy understanding!!! Thank you!!

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