Stila in the light palette review!

Good morning my lovelies! As promised I am going to do a review on the Stila in the light palette. When I first saw this palette I thought I was beautiful. I only swatched a few of the colors and now I’m regretting that I didn’t swatch them all. I did not purchase this palette, Hotdoug surprised me with it at disneyland so I finally got a good look at it when I returned home. (Thanks Hotdoug I love you and all the sweet goodies you give me). My first impression is that this packaging is extremely cheap. It bends and dents and is just thin cardboard. I love palette but I feel that most times they skip out on the quality of the packaging because there are a lot of colors in a palette. Since it is a palette you tend to reach for it more since there is more product. Also palettes are better to travel with since they have multiple options for looks Ect. So I feel palettes need to be durable for that reason. I would never take this palette with me because I am afraid it would basically break and fall apart.

Okay now that I raged about the packaging let’s get into the palette itself. Inside are 10 colors, a combination of shimmers and mattes. The color combinations are nice and there are plenty of looks you could choose to make.


At first glance the colors all look very creamy but that isn’t the case. As mentioned above I wish I had swatched every color because most, if not all of the matte shades are chalky and patchy. I have individual swatches of each and will describe them in more detail below.

Bare- bare is a matte cream color that would be really nice on the brow bone or all over the lid just to help out, it is so light when swatched there is hardly any color pay off. For my light skin tone I wouldn’t even attempt to use this because it literally is nothing. There is nothing there. Maybe for darker skin tones you’d have better luck but you would still have to deal with the patchiness.


Kitten- of course kitten is the best color in this palette. It lives up to the hype and is just perfect for everything. I really cannot say anything else it is just perfect!


Bliss- this color looks like the perfect crease color in the palette but once swatched there is little color payoff and again it is patchy. This isn’t a color I will reach for.


Sunset- this is my second favorite color in the palette( kitten being the first) it is just like kitten except red! Beautiful and creamy and just perfect for everything!


Sandstone- I’m starting to sound so repetitive but once again this color looks like it will be amazing in the palette and then swatches like crap! Little color payoff and is patchy. This is the case for all the mattes in this palette.


Bubbly- this is a very pretty shimmer Champagne color and gives good color payoff. It is almost like kitten but not as creamy but it is still very nice. My third favorite.


Gilded gold- I was so disappointed with this color! It looks like a shimmer so I thought it would be as creamy as the others! Nope…it is dry and patchy and just made me sad. I might still try it wet and see if I can make it work because I love the color it just doesn’t go on good.


Luster- this is one of the better colors of the bad ones lol. It isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either. It is a unique color and I can make it work.


Night sky- this is my favorite blue. I will be using this a ton. I love it. The payoff is good and it is creamy!!!!


Ebony- why is it so hard to find a nice matte black. Like all the rest it is chalky and patchy. I will never use this alone ever!


Lastly the eyeliner in damsel. It is an amazing eyeliner creamy and dark. I am unsure if it will be good for the water line haven’t tried yet but so far it looks good.

Overall there are about four or five colors I really enjoy making it worth it to me. Not my favorite palette but it will do 🙂


Hope you guys enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Stila in the light palette review!

  1. brunettelyspeaking says:

    Great review. I love how honest you were about the colors you liked and didn’t like. I have never bought a palette from Stila, and based on your great review I think I’ll be saving my money on this one. To date, the best matte black I’ve found has come from my Naked Basics Palette by UD.

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