Collective haul!

Good morning lovelies! It’s Bun. I have a medium sized collective haul for you guys. I hope you are ready. I took advantage of the bath and body works semi annual sale a couple weeks ago and then while I was at disneyland I stopped at sephora and cvs and also picked up a few things to try out. Lastly I was gifted a purse and thought if share it with you!


Let’s start with all the stuff i got at bath and body works-

1. Malibu heat- this lotion to me smells like pineapple. I suck at describing it beyond that so the bottle says ” a fresh blend of juicy pineapple, California orange, and creamy coconut milk”. I smell the the pineapple and orange but the coconut milk I wouldn’t of guessed.

2. Forever Sunshine- this is the perfect spring and summer scent. It is floral and fresh and just smells like a nice sunny day at a park. ” a fresh blend of golden apricot, pink peonies, and a hint of praline that captures the romance of warm days”

3. White Mango Chill- this smells just like a mango Sherbet. So amazing and refreshing I can’t stand it! ” white mango, kiwi sherbet, and strawberry frost frozen with muguet blossom and blue sugarcane”

4. Coconut Water Chill- obviously this has the scent of coconut but it always has a hint of what smells like fresh lilies and watermelon! “Coconut water, iced acai berry and watery melon frozen with jasmine petals and Madagascar vanilla”

5. Oahu coconut Sunset- this lotion is very hard to explain you get the coconut but there is a super sweet smell to it almost like vanilla cake. Very sweet and light. “Coconut blossom, sparkling bergamot and pink tiger lily bathed in Hawaiian monoi and molten amber”

6. Oahu Coconut Sunset Body Spray- as stated above it is the same thing yet a little lighter due to the fact that it is in a spray form.

The trip to sephora was short lived and small. I only got two things from sephora!

1. Stila in the light palette- this palette was too gorgeous to pass up. The colors are stunning and there are colors for any look from light colors neutral browns and even dark blues. I will have a review and looks up soon.

2. Nars blush Deep Throat- this blush is a very fair pink with peach notes in it It is gorgeous and I’ve yet to truly use it so soon there will be a review!

Next my small little haul from CVS.

1. Neutrogena healthy skin makeup- Hotdoug actually got this and the other stuff I got at the drugstore. He liked that it was lightweight and had SPF in it since we have been going lots of places and have been in the sun so he wants me to always wear SPF. I haven’t tried it yet so a first impression will be up for you soon! đŸ™‚

2. Maybelline electric blue palette- Hotdoug is always attracted to such bright colors like blue. I have blue eyes so I normal always stay will neutral colors. Hotdoug helps push me out of my comfort zone and try new things. I will try to do a look with these colors and show you what I come up with.

3. Neutrogena healthy volume mascara- this mascara wand is amazing. I love how big it was and it is a dryer formula which I’m not too fond of but I’m hoping the wand will make it worth it!

Lastly is the Betsy Johnson purse I received as a gift. I love it. It is cute but the thing I like the most is it’s size. It is large. I love big purses. Hotdoug always has me carrying his stuff when we go out and I always have to have everything in my purse just in case something happens so it is perfect for storing all of our junk. One thing I can’t stand about this purse is it sucks carrying it. If I put it on my shoulder the beads rub on my skin and cause my skin to get all scratched and irritated. If I carry it on my forearm it is heavy and the straps pinch my skin. It is just too hard to carry. Other than that it is a lovely purse.


5 thoughts on “Collective haul!

  1. heatherlynn08 says:

    Great minds think alike, I also just bought Nars Deep Throat blush! đŸ™‚ I also haven’t tried it yet…but I am interested to see what both our opinions on it will be!

    Great post!

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